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Cipriano Prosecco "Spago" Botter

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75cl * 11% ABV * Prosecco DOC, Italy

Wonderfully Italian in attitude - a flanged cork (i.e. requiring a corkscrew), and being pressured at just 2.4 bar, means it is technically defined by EU law as a still wine and so only pays still wine duty (75p per bottle less that Champagnes and other 'proper' sparkling wines).

Founded in 1928 the Botter winery is family run and amusingly they describe themselves as aiming for “Swiss efficiency with Italian soul.”

Not only is this prosecco great on its own, but just add about 1/3 peach juice to make a Bellini worthy of Harry’s bar. Of course if you are doing that you should serve the Bellini in a tumbler as the Italians do rather than a flute.

Our tasting notes get a bit poetic on this one... a dryish palate with lovely lemon/citrus freshness with hints of elderflower, apple, pear and peaches, passionfruit and even a hint of whipped cream on the finish!

Serve between 8°C – 10°C (ie not straight from the fridge) with some Venetian cicchetti (tapas).