En Primeur


The products in this collection are sold as 'en primeur', which literally translates as 'the first' but is taken to mean buying wine before it is ready to drink, and indeed before it even hits the shelf. We sell 'en primeur' wines that are still in cask. Buying wines this way gives the customer a chance to get hold of rare and fine wines at prices that reflect the fact the wines will need to be aged for a fair few years yet in your cellar. The chances are that when these wines are ready to drink, they will either be unobtainable, or much more expensive.

Please be aware that wines bought 'en primeur' will need to have their VAT and duty paid when you receive the wine. For example, a case of six wines that cost £90 when you buy it now, will need the duty (charged at the prevailing rate but approx £2.67 per bottle now) and VAT (20% of cost price, plus duty) added - so you would need to pay an additional £37.22 before you could receive your wine, which will also still need several years to mature.