English Spirits Limongino

English Spirits Limongino

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50cl * 22% ABV * UK

An English answer to the Italian classic. Freshly zested lemons and their juice are paired with English Spirits' superb small batch distilled gin, combined with a lick of English sugar. Two and a half lemons go into every bottle and the result is a zesty, juicy, and truly delightful lemon liqueur.

Unlike its Italian counterpart, this Limongino is a gin liqueur, not vodka based. English Spirits use a three-step process of infusing, distilling and sous vide (slow cooking) the spirit to capture all the zesty flavours of the lemons, before blending together with a sprinkle of sugar.

Aromas of freshly zested lemon are intertwined with botanical aromas. The palate is a vibrant symphony of fresh lemon juice zest and zing, with tart bitter lemon notes balanced perfectly with luscious velvety sweetness. This is less like traditional limoncello and more akin to the best cloudy lemonade you can remember.

Awarded ‘Gold’ in Spirits Business Gin Masters 2020.

“A superlative British version of the classic Italian drink. Light, fresh and very zingy, with a beautiful zesty lemon flavour. Our panel found it a little tarter and less sticky and sickly than traditional limoncellos, which we really appreciated. The gin is smooth, with a good kick of botanicals. The lovely clean aftertaste makes it very drinkable - perfect for a hot summer day over ice.” - Judging Panel, Great British Food Awards 2020