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Pazo Das Bruxas Albarino 2018

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Albarino * 75cl * 12.5% ABV * Galicia, Spain

Named for the Galician bruxas (witches) who lived among the enchanted woods and vineyards of Spanish country houses (pazos) and conjured up spirits through magic and dance. And so, they say, as the sap rose through the vines, endowing those witches with strength and vigor, so did the sap through these Albariño vines, creating a wine with more than a little touch of something special.

This is one of the many wines from the family Torres - but don't let the size of the company put you off. The head of the family, Miguel Torres, still takes a huge interest in each and every wine, especially the ones from his home country of Spain.

The wine itself is pale yellow and fragrant on the nose, offering perfumed and citrus notes coupled with fruit aromas (white peach) over a touch of minerality characteristic of the terroir. Sweet upon entry, followed by a fresh, clean evolution across the palate and a long, elegant finish. An excellent aperitif. Good with raw, cooked or grilled seafood. Pairs perfectly with mild, white fish. Its lively palate strikes a perfect balance with soft goat cheeses.

“Pazo das Bruxas” is mostly produced with grapes from the O’Rosal area, in combination with grapes from Salnés. Both are known for their markedly Atlantic climates which are influenced by their proximity to the ocean with mild winters and high precipitation. Spring comes early and that is when there is the highest risk of frosts, the further away from the coast a vineyard is. In the summer, the anticyclone situation of the Azores means precipitation is scarce or null and the temperatures are mild.  Autumn is the rainiest season of the year.

The soil is sandy with great water drainage and granite rocks in the structure which prevent water retention.  The Salnés area is colder than O’Rosal, which leads to slightly slower ripening and wines that are more acidic.