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Masi "Passo Doble" Malbec-Corvin 2017

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Corvina/Malbec Blend * 75cl * Vegan & Organic * 14.0% ABV * Mendoza, Argentina

Pliny noted that once the Corvina grape was grown outside of Italy it 'cried' and failed to thrive - the Romans obviously had never been to Argentina. The Corvina grape seems more than happy several thousand miles away in this vineyard, complete with cactus-lined driveway and those non-Italian pests of rattlesnakes and pumas. It's possibly a lonely grape, however, as this is the only winery in Argentina to grow it. But boy, do they grow it well - this is Italian winemaking, gaucho style.

This is a highly experimental wine where the Malbec grapes are double fermented with a small proportion of dried Corvina, making an almost Amarone style wine that is soft enough to drink now, but has excellent aging potential. You could easily keep this wine for 10 to 15 years.

It's 100% organic and brings forth lovely aromas of dark cherries, toasted almonds, vanilla and slightly surprisngly, smoky bacon crisps. On the palate it's mid-weight, with a freshness typical of wines made from Italian grapes. Cherry fruit flavours and a hint of candied peel follow through nicely.