La Monacesca Verdicchio Di Matelica Riserva "Mirum" 2016 - Taurus Wines

La Monacesca Verdicchio Di Matelica Riserva "Mirum" 2016

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75cl * 13.5% ABV * Matelica, Italy

Vedicchio di Matelica is grown at far greater altitudes in Italy that its more famous neighbour, Verdicchio di Castelli di Jesi. This slightly cooler climate makes the wines lighter and gives them more acidity so they are best thought of as Italy’s answer to Chablis. The resulting fruit character is so subtle they ferment using yeasts normally reserved for Champagne, because these yeasts don’t give the wine any particular fragrance and allow the fruit to speak for itself. The Mirum is a step-up from the winery's regular Verdicchio and is only produced in exceptional vintages - citrus and pear fruit, spice and honey comes together in this complex and mineral wine. Rich and supple on the palate, it has finesse and length in abundance.