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Gospel Green Rose Cyder

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75cl * Vegan * 8.4% ABV * Blackdown, England 

Made from a blend of the finest English dessert apples, this softly pink cyder has aromatics of wild strawberry and hedgerow berries with a hint of floral rosehip. It has a smooth, rounded finish with a touch of baked apple. Perfect with fish, duck, red fruits and desserts.

Unusually for cyder, this is made by the same fermentation method as Champagne and bottled in full-strength Champagne bottles. The apples are pressed and fermented for six months. Then the freshly fermented cyder receives a ‘liqueur de tirage’ – a small amount of cane sugar and Champagne yeast – and is then bottled for at least ten months. A second fermentation occurs inside the bottle: the carbon dioxide is trapped inside, dissolves into the cyder and produces the fizz. As in Champagne, the yeast sediment from the fermentation is removed from the bottle by riddling and the cyder is topped up with a dosage of cyder and cane sugar to make a ‘brut’ style of sparkling cyder: a unique method of production for Britain.