Zucchetto Puro Fol Valdobbiadene

Zucchetto Puro Fol Valdobbiadene

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 75cl * Vegan * 11.5% ABV * Prosecco DOC, Italy

Paolo Zucchetto founded this family-run farm in the 1970s – a dreamily beautiful 5.5 hectare plot consisting of white-painted farm buildings amongst orderly rows of vines - in the centre of the Valdobbiadene DOCG. The vines are sheltered from cold north winds by the Dolomites and face south across the river Piave towards the lagoon of Venice, which is less than an hour’s drive away. To top that the fruit for this wine is in fact sourced from a single vineyard located in Prosecco’s historical heartland Follo (or Fol as locals call this scenic little town).

Hand harvested, then traditionally vinified leaving a hint of residual sugar, Prosecco was originally a great luxury when slightly sweet sparkling wine was the height of fashion. Nowadays, Prosecco is drier than before and this Puro-Fol especially so, as it’s fermented almost to total dryness of just 1g of sugar per litre (one for the waistline watchers then!). Interestingly, any Prosecco with less than 32g of sugar per litre can be labelled dry, whereas one with less that 12g per litre is a Brut.

Profile: Flavours of lime, melon, almond and quince combine on the elegant palate, which has a real mineral quality to it.

Serve: Drink at 5°C-6°C (ie fridge temperature) with Parma ham or mild cheeses