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Mineral De Montsant 2017

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Cariñena/Garnacha Blend * 75cl * Vegan * 14.5% ABV * Priorat, Spain

You'd be excused for not knowing much about the Cariñena grape variety - until I tell you that it's just another name for Carignan (much like the Shiraz/Syrah thing). Anyway, this 80% Cariñena/Carignan wine has appealing aromas of raspberry and slate - with that touch of minerality reaching through to the berry-laden palate. Six months in oak gives it gently smokey and spicy notes too.

The Cara Nord winery, though new on the scene itself, harvests the grapes from 40-year-old bush vines in the Montsant region, that encircles Priorat, just west of Barcelona.