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Seedlip Spice 94 Non-Alcoholic Spirit

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Mystery and secrets* 75cl * 0% ABV * England

In the 1600s apothecaries were using small copper stills to make non-alcoholic herbal remedies. This alchemy was documented in The Art of Distillation published in London in the year 1651 and is now re-purposed for the modern day.Founded by Ben in his kitchen in the woods, with a copper still and copy of The Art of Distillation to continue his family’s 300 year farming ancestry and change the way the world drinks.

This Spice 94 blend is aromatic and earthy on the nose, and the botanicals (all spice, cardamom, oak, lemon and grapefruit) really come to the fore when you taste it. Serve it with a good tonic and a twist of grapefruit for an excellent alternative to a G&T.