Nunzio Ghiraldi Lugana 2018
Nunzio Ghiraldi Lugana 2018
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Turbiana * 75cl * 13.0% ABV * Veneto, Italy

Turbiana (aka Verdicchio) is the new name for the grape variety that grows on the banks of Lake Garda in Lugana in the Veneto. The wine's name 'Il Gruccione' comes from the species of bird which flies from North Africa each year to feed in Ghiraldi's vineyards. Fermented in stainless steel, this is a citrus-led white wine, full of nervy minerality and freshness - notes of pear, kiwi and gooseberry are caressed by stones and smoke. Crisp and lively in youth, it has a huge capacity to age for the long-term, when it turns into something more akin to an unoaked white Burgundy, gaining weight and richness. A bargain for such accomplished winemaking.

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