Bonilla a la Vista Patatas Fritas
Bonilla a la Vista Patatas Fritas
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Potatoes * 500g * Spain

Made from Spanish potatoes and fried in filtered olive oil, these are (in our opinion) the best crisps on the market. And this amazing 500g tin is perfect for parties - no need for decanting, just let guests help themselves from the paint tin-style 'bucket'. 

Bonilla pride themselves on the quality of their crisps - and it's clear when you speak to them how passionate they are about something as simple as a really good crisp. Everything from the cut of the potato (they compare it to the difference in sailing at eleven knots compared to twelve knots) to the filtered 100% olive oil is tried and tested and tinkered with until the family think it's perfect. Started in 1932 with Salvador Bonilla selling crisps and churros in village markets, Bonilla crisps came to the UK in 2013 and now, in 2019 they're here at Taurus. And our tummies are very, very happy about it!

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