Vino Rosso Trastullo 2015
Vino Rosso Trastullo 2015
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Corvina/Rondinella/Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon * 75cl * 13% ABV * Veneto, Italy

It's rare for us to sit up and take keen interest in a £10 bottle at a tasting, but we did just that when we first tasted this. "Trastullo" is an archaic Italian word that means something which gives you enjoyment - well, the winemaker has nailed that idea here: there's a glorious ruby hue, a very inviting nose of cherries and wild herbs, and sweet blackberry, plum and liquorice on the palate. Some dried grapes are added to the blend here, giving it a dash of richness that you'd find in Ripasso styles. A new favourite with the staff - and anyone who tastes it on our Enomatic machines...



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