Coravin Model Two +Pack
Coravin Model Two +Pack
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Or to give it its full name, the Coravin Wine Access System Model Two Plus Pack. This latest edition of the brand is a natty little gizmo that allows you to access your wine (hence the name) without actually opening the bottle... It's designed for wine lovers who want to be able to extract one or two glasses of fine wine from a bottle without having to open and drink the whole thing. It works by inserting a surgical-style needle into the cork of the wine bottle, then as the wine is poured through the needle, an inert gas replaces the wine in the bottle. As the needle is removed the cork (being a natural product) reseals itself in around 30 seconds... keeping the rest of the wine in the bottle fresh for months. So, the Coravin can help you become more adventurous with what you drink; you can sip, share and enjoy fine wines, expanding your palate and not wasting a drop.

The Model Two Plus Pack is the ultimate Coravin experience, at home and on the go. The pack includes: 2 premium Coravin Capsules, a carry case, Faster Pour Needle, Vintage Needle and extra Standard Needle.

Why's it better than previous Coravins? Read on...

  • New Thin Wall Needle pours 20% faster than the original needle, and locks into place.
  • New Properfit Clamp is easy to open and close, and provides a secure hold on the bottle.
  • Coravin Capsule Load Cell Technology Makes installing gas easier, ensuring a perfect seal every time.
  • Proprietary Coravin Capsules contain more than 99.99% pure argon gas to protect the remaining wine from oxidation.
  • Three Needle Kit contains three different Coravin Wine System needles, providing you with a needle for any bottle or situation.
  • Carry Case is a durable and stylish way to take your Coravin System on the go.


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