Coravin Screw Caps (Six Pack)
Coravin Screw Caps (Six Pack)
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This new accessory allows wine lovers to enjoy their screw cap wine for up to three months from the first taste using existing Coravin Systems. Quickly unscrew the bottle’s cap and replace it with a Coravin Screw Cap. Once screwed in place, access and pour as you normally would with a Coravin System.

Coravin Screw Caps are available in two sizes (standard & large) to ensure compatibility with all bottle sizes, combining self-sealing silicone with the same premium cap liner, to create a tight seal that protects wine for up to three months. The caps can withstand up to 50 punctures making them reusable for around 10 bottles of wine. The six pack comes with four standard -sized screw caps and 2two large screw caps.


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