Rose de Nymphe Emue Château Maris 2016
Rose de Nymphe Emue Château Maris 2016
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Grenache * 75cl * 13.5% * Languedoc-Rousillon, France

There’s sustainable winemaking and then there’s Chateau Maris. Purchased by British ex-pat Robert (Bertie) Eden in 1997, the 50ha domaine in Minervois’ La Liviniere (cru classe) is 100% organic and biodynamic - but it doesn’t stop there. Robert is an advocate of the importance of taking steps to reduce the impact on the environment in the wine industry and their efforts range from using only natural pesticides and fertilizers, to building a gravity-fed winery from hemp bricks to absorb excess CO₂.

Pure and fresh, this is a delicate yet complex rosé with flavours of apricots, eucalyptus and raspberry brambles. The palate has a fresh acidity with white pepper, spice and a distinct minerality.


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