Nosso 2015
Nosso 2015
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Verdejo * 75cl * 12.6% ABV * Rueda, Spain

This certified organic wine comes from one of the most interesting wineries in Spain. When we visited we were shown the trailers that could be pulled through the vines, each trailer holding trees and lavender bushes so that their own little eco systems of bees and insects could travel around the vineyard with them! The trees are even sprayed with cinnamon before their travels to attract more bugs to them.  The vineyards themselves are set into soil that used to be a sea bed in prehistoric times, so it's very sandy and full of pebbles. Planted 15 years ago, the 50 hectares of vines are interpersed with grass that naturally brings nitrogen back to the soil - just one example of the 18 'natural' treatments these wine makers will give the vines, compared to their neighbours and competitors who would use the industry-standard four chemical treatments.

This Nosso Verdejo is rich on the nose and almost brioche-like - a surprise given the pale green tinge of the wine in the glass. The winemakers euphemistacally declare that the palate is like a walk in the Castillian Plateau - full of must, minerals, grapes and natural aromas.

Needless to say we were impressed with this wine when we tried it. And delighted when it arrived direct from this most natural of wineries - straw in the case and all!

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