Cabin Pressure Gin
Cabin Pressure Gin
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Gin * 50cl * 40% ABV * Horsham, West Sussex

Husband and wife team David and Emily came up with this particular cold-distilled method of creating gin in their shed. No, really. In fact the 'science' behind the project came about because of David's belief that 'boiling the hell' out of things wasn't the best way to get maximum flavour out of your botanicals. He borrowed techniques more widely seen in laboratories and through the use of a vacuum managed to distil at a much lower temperature - preserving the delicate flavour of his botanicals and producing a very smooth, easy to drink gin with a soft glycerol-like mouthfeel.

There's a lingering finish of liquorice we thought, so try it with some liquorice root; although David suggests a few crushed leaves of basil as an excellent flavour-enhancing garnish. 

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