Fertuna Droppello Toscana Bianco 2015
Fertuna Droppello Toscana Bianco 2015
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Sangiovese (vinified as white wine) * 75cl * 13% ABV * Tuscany, Italy

The Droppello was born from the desire of the Marquis Incisa to create, in partnership with his friend Giuseppe Meregalli, a white wine, rather than the red Sangioveses for which their respective wineries are famous.

Interestingly, Rupert here at Taurus awarded this wine a gold medal when he sat on The Wine Merchant blind tasting panel a few years ago - and when he tasted it again a few weeks ago he thought it was still a great wine. Dry, but with great body, this rare white Sangiovese (normally these grapes make the famous Chianti reds) would be great with richer chicken dishes such as those with creamy sauces due to its zesty finish.

Random fact - a 'droppello' in Italian is apparently a blanket, given to a horse just after it's raced to help keep it warm. 


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