Mews Gin
Mews Gin
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Gin * 70cl * 38% ABV * East Horsley, England


Father and son team Richard and Daniel Mew created this small batch, vapour distilled gin for a very special occasion - their daughter/sister's wedding! Hands up who would have wanted one of those wedding favours! It's also made incredibly locally - East Horsley - very much part of our 'stomping ground' as it were.

Mews Gin uses the vapour distillation method to make its gin. This is more time consuming and costly than some other methods of gin distillation but it produces a lighter, more subtle taste, which makes the extra effort worth while.Our Head of Gin here at Taurus describes this as one of those 'sipping' gins - ie one that would make an excellent martini. As about 99% of gin is used in a G&T (and why not!) we suggest mixing it with a tonic that isn't too strong,as a full flavour tonic will mask the subtle taste of this gin. Serve with a wedge of lime, not lemon, or a slice of cucumber but beware, cucumber has a surprisingly strong taste. If you fancy something more exotic try Mews Gin with some blueberries on a cocktail stick and a dash of bitters - a Mews & Blues Martini as it were. ​


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