Barolo Giacomo Fenocchio 2012
Barolo Giacomo Fenocchio 2012
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Nebbiolo * 75cl * 14% ABV * Piedmont, Italy

A truly classic Barolo, with all of that region's evocative violet and tea-leaf aromas and fruit characters, backed up with Barolo's traditionally fearsome tannic finish. This is a wine that doesn't so much accompany meat, but demands large hunks of juicy, tender flesh to allow all of this Barolo's attributes to meld into one. Whilst not a really full-bodied Barolo, we've always preferred the more traditional violet-toned, mid-bodied, yet still tannic style of Barolo that this wine so effortlessly represents, precisely because of its ability to match all manner of dishes.

The winemaking is traditional: extended maceration on the skins for no less than 10 days, no inoculated yeasts and certainly no barriques or rotary-fermenter; however these are very pure wines, not in any way rustic.

Claudio (the wine maker) attributes this clarity to the vineyard work where his team have no hesitation in utilising modern techniques. This is a very forward thinking estate, they have the technology but they use it advisedly, and Claudio sums the approach up neatly in the words of his great-great grandfather...

"everyone makes wine in the same way because this is how it should be made, it is not up to us to change an entire method and culture”

Drinking well now, but this wine will keep until 2040 if stored properly.

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