Alcyone Tannat
Alcyone Tannat
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100% Tannat * 50cl * 16% ABV * Atlantida, Uruguay

This sounds extremely unlikely - a sweet wine from the Tannat (red) grape variety, usually one of the most tannic and savoury grape varieties to be found! However, this Uruguayan wine turns out to be absolutely fantastic, with tremendous depth of concentration and a distinct cocoa flavour meaning it is a rareity in being the perfect match for chocolate. Or indeed can be served instead of chocolate... A definite 'must try' for any sweet wine lover. Or chocolate lover.  

And here's one for the dinner party anecdotist; Alcyone was a Greek demi-goddess, daughter of Eolo and wife of Ceyx. When her beloved Ceyx perished in a shipwreck she too threw herself into the treacherous waters. Taking pity on her, the gods instead turned her into the Halcyon bird. She made her nest on the beach, but storm waves threatened her home. Her father Eolo calmed the storm for seven days and nights, allowing her to lay her eggs - and those were known as the 'halcyon days', when there could be no storm, only sunshine and calm seas.

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