Silent Pool Gin
Silent Pool Gin
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Gin (with a dash of fairy tale) * 70cl * 43% ABV * Surrey HIlls, England



We'll let Cory Mason, the head distiller at Silent Pool Distillers tell you about his gin; 'Silent Pool Gin is a classic gin at heart. It is full-bodied and fresh, with depth, clarity, and above all else flavour. Produced with 24 unique botanicals, Silent Pool Gin is a rich and clean juniper-driven spirit with floral layers of lavender and chamomile. Fresh notes of citrus and kafir lime are grounded with the subtle sweetness of local honey, creating a well-balanced gin that is both traditional and refreshingly individual.'

We're very proud to be stocking this small-batch and emminently local gin - produced within a few miles of our shop by some truly gifted distillers. The beautiful bottle alone is worth the purchase, but we agree with Cory in thinking that the gin itself is something a little bit special, a little bit different, but totally classic. Silent Pool Distillers believe in a sustainable approach to creating gin, using water from the legendary Silent Pool in Albury itself and using only sustainable local woods to power the vintage wood-fired steam boiler. Even in a total power cut, these guys could keep distilling - now that's what we call sustainable!


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