Tarquin's Cornish Gin
Tarquin's Cornish Gin
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Gin (with perhaps a bit of cornish pasty?) * 70cl * 42% ABV * Cornwall, England

A delicious blend of zesty orange and a subtle hint of country garden violets from Devon – a real belter when mixed with tonic and a slice of orange. And who can ignore the bright blue wax that drips down the bottle - stunning!

We visited Tarquin at the Southwestern Distillery and found a little bit more about how he makes his gin. He still uses just two original copper pot burners (see the photo). They're heated by paella pan flamers and sealed around the rims with a non-toxic 'glue' made by a simple flour, water and oil mix.

Tarquin explained how he syphons off the 'heads' and 'tails' of each distillation - reserving only the 'heart' to be bottled. Each batch can be slightly different and he acknowledges this on the label, along with his signature and batch number. 

What we loved most about Tarquin and his set up was how passionate he was about the whole process - while maintaining a very chilled, laid-back attitude! We put it down to the glorious countryside and coastline around his distillery - as our own snap of these Tarquin's and Tonics at nearby Watergate Bay shows! 


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