Fernando de Castilla Antique Pedro Ximenez 'PX' Sherry
Fernando de Castilla Antique Pedro Ximenez 'PX'  Sherry
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Sherry * 50cl * 15% ABV * Jerez, Spain

"This weird, dark, mysterious, mahogany-hued wine is hypnotic, ever-so-slightly-halucinatory and unbelievably intoxicating. Happy, smiley and dare I say it , giggly, this is a dreamy, smooth, coffee, raisin, walnut and Christmas spice wine. Many PX wines do this trick on the tongue, but Fernando de Castilla's version does it to every molecule in your body. Like liquid Connolly leather, only more amazing on the nose and more luxurious to the touch. One sip and your are in its power - you have been warned"
Matthew Jukes, Wine List

What else can we say about this Jerez wine? Try it for yourself!

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