Champagne Veuve Clicquot NV Magnum (150cl)
Champagne Veuve Clicquot NV Magnum (150cl)
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Pinot Noir/Pinot Meunier/Chardonnay Blend * 150cl * Vegan * 12% ABV * Champagne, France

"Only one quality - the finest," so goes the Veuve Clicquot motto. Yellow Label has become an instantly recognisable sign of quality and is a much-loved Champagne brand throughout the world. Madame Clicquot took over the family business age 27 when her husband died - being a widow ("veuve"), she was permitted to run her own business, the only women allowed to do so in French society at the time. 

Assembled from at least 50 different crus and carefully chosen reserve wines, the Pinot Noir in the blend gives the wines its structure, whilst the Chardonnay adds finesse and Pinot Meunier gives roundness. Ageing their non-vintage wine for almost twice the legally required time results in a richer and more developed character compared with most non-vintage Champagnes. Full-bodied and rich with inviting notes of vanilla and brioche that caress the ripe fruit. Veuve Clicquot was much beloved by King Edward VII, who would often call for a "spot of the widow" whenever he felt like a glass!

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