Graham's 'The Tawny' 10 Year Old Port Jeroboam
Graham's 'The Tawny' 10 Year Old Port Jeroboam
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Touriga Blend * 450cl * 20% ABV * Douro, Portugal

We have nicknamed this bottle 'The Beast', as at 4.5ltrs it really is something to behold! As one of our staff mentioned, all we need write here is, 'Just get yourself the cheese board to match'... As really this bottle would serve umpteen cheese boards, or be perfect for a large family who love entertaining over Christmas or throughout the winter!

Tawny Ports are aged in wooden casks as opposed to Vintage Ports that are aged in bottle. Once a port has been in an oak cask for six years it takes on a tawny colour and the tannins soften, giving the wine a smooth mouth-feel without losing too many of the rich raisiny fruit flavours. This wine has been casked for 10 years, with the oak giving it complex nutty aromas, with hints of fig and honey. On the palate there is rich and mature fruit, with a lovely long finish. Graham's suggest serving it slightly cold with puddings such as apple and cinnamon pie or almond cake - but as we said, you can't beat it with a good local cheese board!

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