Graham's Vintage Port Bond - single bottle 2019
Graham's Vintage Port Bond - single bottle 2019
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Please note that, due to Covid-19, Graham's have notified us that there will be a delay in fulfilling the Port Bond certificates until their office hours return to normal. Bonds can still be purchased but certificates and paperwork will only be available at a later date. 

The Graham's Vintage Port Bond is a new initiative from one of Port's most highly respected houses. And it's a great example of modern thinking helping out a traditional idea and bringing it into the 21st century. What do we mean by this? Well, traditionally a 'pipe of port' would be given by a godfather to his godson (feminists look away now!). A 'pipe' was a term for a barrel which could hold the equivalent of 56 cases (ie 56 x 12 bottles) of port - the assumption being that it would be enough to supply the young man with a bottle of port a month for his drinking life. This was all well and good, but unfortunately nowadays that much port could set you back about the same price as a classic car... Plus, back then, having your 'pipe' stored in god father's cellar was probably a common occurrence - these days finding somewhere to store your decent hooch is a little harder!

The Graham's Vintage Port Bond allows you buy a bottle (see here for a case) of port for the year that you wish to celebrate - be it a birth, marriage or anniversary. If that year becomes a declared vintage then your bond can be redeemed and your recipient (or a guardian if the recipient is under 18) will get a bottle of port from their special year (this would usually be about 18 months to two years after the vintage). If the year that your bond specifies is not declared as a vintage year by Graham's, then the bond can be redeemed for TWO bottles of the single quinta made that year.

For more information on how and why Graham's declare any particular year a 'vintage', click here.

How it works... when you purchase a Vintage Port Bond, within 10 working days of your order you will receive a beautifully hand-calligraphied certificate (shown above) that is now your Bond Certificate with Grahams. At this stage, this elegantly presented certificate (encased in a smart green gift envelope) is something very tangible that can be gifted on the day of the christening/birthday/marriage etc. The recipient (or their guardian if under 18) will then be contacted by Graham's when the port is ready to be shipped from bond to them.

When you order a Vintage Port Bond from us online please specify at the check out stage:

♦ Your name and contact details (at least two phone numbers as things may change during the course of the Bond's maturation) 
♦ The recipient's name and contact details (or that of a guardian if under 18)
♦ The exact wording that you would like on the certificate (ie A gift on the occasion of your christening, from your god father, John Smith).

We will contact you to check these details soon after your order.

Please note: These port bonds can ONLY be bought and gifted to addresses in the UK. Please contact your local Graham's stockist in your country of residence (if outside the UK) to enquire about port bond delivery to overseas addresses.

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