L'Orangerie de Carignan 2017 (Magnum)
L'Orangerie de Carignan 2017 (Magnum)
Brand: Chateau Carignan
Product Code: orangeriemag
Availability: 3
Price: £29.99

Bordeaux Blend * 150cl * 13.5% ABV * Cadillac, Bordeaux, France

This is the second wine from Chateau Carignan and is described by the estate's owners as "St Emilion in everything but price", due to it being Merlot-based and grown on clay soil just like the soil from around St Emilion and Pomerol. We'll let you judge that for yourselves, but this is ripe and fruity, full of currant, blueberry and black cherry notes, and just about ready to drink at a young age. A Taurus customer favourite - and at that price we can see why!

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