Domaine Henry Pellé Menetou-Salon Morogues 2017
Domaine Henry Pellé Menetou-Salon Morogues 2017
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Sauvignon Blanc * 75cl * Vegan * 13% ABV * Loire, France

The grapes are sourced from seven different parcels ('clos') in the commune of Morogues, all planted in Kimmeridgian limestone-clay marl soil (which apparently imparts elegant mineral tones) and facing either south-west, south or south-east, thus getting the maximum benefit of the morning sun to fully ripen the grapes. The vines and soil in the 35 hectare domaine are worked in the traditional way (for example weeding, clearing and grape thinning by hand), but machine harvesting is used when needed. The grape presses are pneumatic (to safeguard juice quality), and the individual 'clos' are vinified separately to allow expression and development of their unique 'terroir' - it's believed grapes from each parcel add different dimensions to the whole. The wines are left on the fine lees until bottling to enhance complex flavours and regularly stirred up to gain richness, depending on vintage conditions.

You'll notice aromas of ripe white peach and blackcurrant leaf with hints of super-ripe fruit and lime juice. The palate has lots of refreshing citrus zest, nettle and grassy characters, lovely minerality and a slightly creamy honeyed finish. Refreshing acidity and a good balance. After the challenges of the 2016 harvest Pelle are back with aplomb with this 2017 corker.

Serve nicely chilled before or at the beginning of a meal but also with shellfish or delicate white fish, especially with a creamy parsley or dill sauce.


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