Hugel Classic Riesling 2017
Hugel Classic Riesling 2017
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Riesling * 75cl * Vegan * 12.5% ABV * Alsace, France

A classic grape variety of the Alsace region in France, in this instance producing an absolutely bone dry wine with lots of citrus, green apple and mineral flavours. This is the Hugel family's signature wine - and they have been working in the same vineyard for 12 generations since 1639. It's a dry Riesling and stands out for its freshness and finesse.

This wine has all the classic hallmarks of great Alsace wine and is a fantastic match with all kinds of seafood and especially shellfish. 

This wine may show a slight sediment of tartrate crystals, but don't worry, it's a sign of a naural non-treated wine.

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