Domaine les Roches Bleues, Brouilly Le Cru du Volcan 2018
Domaine les Roches Bleues, Brouilly Le Cru du Volcan 2018
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Gamay * 75cl * Vegan * 13% ABV * Beaujolais, France

A textbook Cru Beaujolais - a lovely seductive perfume of liquorice and marzipan leads on to an almost sensuously fleshy but silky smooth palate of plums and red berry flavours which tantalize the taste buds! Distinctly fuller in style than Fleurie.

Le Cru du Volcan is part of a collection of wines sourced by Samantha Bailey, who lives and works in the region and works with growers who have some of the best vineyard slopes and domaines in the region.

Old, short goblet trained vines grow in this favoured corner of Brouilly. Bluey-purple layers of manganese soil (Les Roches Bleues) lies under the parcel of vines near the summit of Mont Brouilly; a long extinct volcano (hence 'volcan' in the name of the wine). Mont Brouilly is famous amongst wine growers as not only a wine-growing district but also for the chapel at its summit that was built in 1857 to protect the vines against mildew.

Ideal with saddle of rabbit or coq au vin. Best served at slightly below room temperature.

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