Tragolargo Blanco 2016
Tragolargo Blanco 2016
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Moscatel/Merseguera * Vegan * 75cl * 12.5% ABV * Alicante, Spain

Our first 'orange' wine aka 'skin contact' white i.e. a white wine made like a red, with the grape must spending a short amount of time in contact with the skins, resulting in a darker-than-usual white wine. This comes from the blisteringly hot southeast of Spain in Alicante - the winemaker, Rafa Bernabe, wants to respect this sense of space by intervening as little as possible in the vineyard and the winery. The result is a heady, apricot-scented wine with additional notes of orange peel, tea and flowers. Plenty of acidity and moderate alcohol levels make this a cracking partner to all sorts of food. Unfined and unfiltered, so may contain harmless deposit.


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