Biondi-Santi Braccale Toscana Rosso 2012
Biondi-Santi Braccale Toscana Rosso 2012
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Sangiovese/Merlot Blend * 75cl * 13.5% ABV * Tuscany, Italy

This wine balances the austerity of Sangiovese with the round, softness of Merlot (an 80/20 blend) - with the grapes grown on the glorious south-west facing vineyards of Scansano, The vines are at least 10 years old and, as if 10 is the magic number, the wine is matured in French barriques of Troncais wood for at least 10 months.

A full-blooded, rich and up-front style of Tuscan red, complimented by some underlying and characterful oak flavours that come through extensive barrel ageing. A firm grip of tannins also make this an ideal accompaniment to red meats - swirl this wine round a large glass too to help make the tannins smoother and for the characters of the grape varieties really shine. This comes from the same region as Chianti, but is so much fuller and more complex to go with something so simple as Spag Bol. Although that would be very nice too, says the wife.

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