Beckett's London Dry Gin
Beckett's London Dry Gin
Beckett's London Dry Gin
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Gin * 70cl * 40% ABV * London, England

The only gin to use English juniper berries – in fact picked from Surrey’s own Box Hill. Neil Beckett, the founder of the gin, is working with the National Trust, Natural England and the Forestry Commission to create a new sustainable population of juniper on Juniper Hill, which is part of Box Hill. Smooth, citrusy with a hint of mint at the finish (even the mint is picked in Kingston, adding to the very 'Surrey' feel of the gin). It's an excellent 'sipping' gin, although if you do want it in a G&T, try adding a sprig of mint to your glass. A classic lemon slice won't go too badly either.

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