Cuvée Jean-Paul Red 2018
Cuvée Jean-Paul Red 2018
Brand: Cuvée Jean-Paul
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Price: £6.99

Grenache/Syrah Blend * 75cl * Vegan * 12.5% ABV * Pays du Vaucluse, Rhône Valley, France

This is a Vaucluse red - the Pays de Vaucluse being the local wines of the southern Rhone valley. Typically they combine the fullness of very ripe fruit with smooth tannins to make a wine with sufficient body to be enjoyed on their own as well as being stamped with sufficient character to partner food. This is demonstrated by this glugable blend of soft Grenache sprinkled with some spicy Syrah; textured plum and strawberry fruit rounds off the palate, making this a delicious, uncomplicated medium-bodied, soft, fruity and very drinkable red.

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